find me

in beautiful combinations

and perfect contradictions

search my

crepuscular muskin,

diaphanous spectre,

somnolent siren,

scarecrow frequency

pulling glow

from a

a vitreous hole


cocaine hydrants

through a quantum pilot

flying high

in tandem

on lambrusco lanterns…

yawning while spawning

waking mauve mornings,

where perfume sheets sail

shale plum spritzes

through a sylph’s prisms…


i spilled the wine on me.

i mean…

you should get a fine

for defining me ..

how do you want me?

‘prosey chomsky’?

‘metrical chinsky’?

‘feelings for ransom’?

i’m sure it all fits me

‘covertly constricting’?

‘converting to empty’?

i mean…

when all the light hits me

i just want to be finished.

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