( a gain )

winds carry attention

across platinum thread

back towards cold eyes i sit behind.

they tell me to escape the city.

i’ll never be able to cry properly here.

i need somewhere to scream without

contracting questions i can’t answer.

i want to hear trees howl again.

to feel the rage of a river

that acts it’s own age.

to see summer on a summit

from february…

i want to glaze over time,

not be born again.

i may spend most days

hating myself

but only because you led me

to believe i was forever damned

because i like who i am


( a cross )

i want to tell life if it gave me death

i’d wake up at a wedding,

i’m not scared of a beheading

i’m more scared of where we’re heading.

who are we impressing?

what can you invest in when

everything is threatening?


save me.

i’ve been feeling stranger lately

i just love the danger lately

can you be a thrill ride?

i can still ride

with a chill vibe.

take me real high.

i mean real… real high

not a coaster but a sling shot

i wanna feel your wings pop

i mean, in the end everything pops

but you know i’m the big bang

i’m a thousand keys in pennies

don’t you want to see shit change?


( a void )

the only god i’ve ever seen show itself is in a little girl who just wants to see a father, who was once her son become one.

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