welcome to the bastardization of a nation

sorry if we seem a little impatient

the drugs got us fucked

like cosby’s last rape vic


i mean…

didn’t they say that

we should take it?

state shit.

every prescription you’ve thrown me

told me that you know me

i want to be successful too,

i thought you were showing me

i guess we all get tailored suits one day

even if it’s after we’ve od’d

that’s odd.

i miss you every day homie..

labeled explosive

we’re not impulsive

we just think quick

trying not to lean

while the drink sits

when time hits

our mind’s slicked

with crime shit,

slime licks,

and grinding


distracts from our bigger lacks

low self esteem..

i don’t know how you get rid of that..

get a six or lac

so they ask

“whose whip is that?”

pick a bag

so they ask

“who knit your sack?”

tv showed us

what we’d never get and that

some how

made us want to get it back…

we’re the candy kids

pizza shop poets

who understand the script

we don’t lose focus

we like our coffee with philosophy

cartoons with smoke screens

we love borges, basquiat, and girls

wearing bro jeans

triple b a triple 3

balance on those beams

flaubert and colbert

so fresh, so clean

so … chill.

but… still.

every time you look

you see sandy hook

i don’t understand the shook

we ain’t the ones

to leave a planet cooked

how can you watch my eyes

and see columbine…?

when you’re the directors

shooting shit all the time

welcome to my battle

where i want to wear eye shadow

… cus thats how they feel to me

but then i’m a faggot

or queer

and you made that shit seems real to me

i don’t need to redesign

or be defined to feel

the hate behind it

but if that’s your position

i suggest you stay behind it

i’m not gay today

but when night comes…

try to fuck me,

and i might come

like lightning

who don’t like none

for now i’m getting smacked

in a rave

then choked by a girl

that’s in a rage

i let her, cus i get her

they got her back to the grave

“baby baby baby,

that’s not depraved”

could they find stillness

with bats in their cave?

when their mom wasn’t sweet

and their dad wasn’t brave…

could they beat a joker every day

that laughed in their face

asking the ace

“do you have what it takes

to make everybody pay”?

a riddler masked just to say

“what if every bodies gay?”

and the only way you play,


“to keep it on the level,

… nobodies straight.”

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