we both met doing our little thotty…

to each other

we were exactly what we didn’t want…

which is what we liked…

because it caused a fight…

that made all sorts of lights…

which was tite.

the first time we fucked

… she hit me.

i think it was a punch,

not because it hurt, it didn’t

it just clunked..

the sound impact

lacked the sexy snap of a slap

i grabbed her by the neck

and flipped her on her back

slammed her on the floor

while she laughed through a gasp…


so i asked sarcastically,

sinking a thumb further into her throat…


she repeated herself laughing..


so i pushed harder into her with other parts…


she wasn’t laughing this time,

there was no smile,

her face was… strangely considerate.

“yes, oh my fucking god…yes… more”

so i did as she said until her eyes opened wider than she seemed comfortable with and her mouth hung open in a sort of silent scream,

aware as she seemed

she was staring into a dream

that came from below,

later she’d ask how i know…

and i’d tell her i didn’t come for the tell…

i came for the show.

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