i totally want to be your bed bug

i want to leave bumps on your legs from everywhere i bite

i want you to itch all over when you think about me

i want you to check under your pillow to see if i’m there

i want to make you shiver when you see sheets

i want you to moan to all your friends about me

tell them they can’t come over cus you’re worried they’ll get me

i want you to know after the first time, you’ll never forget me

that you’ll think about me when i’m gone

and make faces when people mention me..

you’ll close all your windows tighter,

and watch who you let in your house from now on…

you’ll wake up every night

feeling like i’m near,

but i won’t be.

if you ever want to be rid of me,

i’ll be gone.

moved on to the next place

where everyone loves a roman tic.

because thats what love is.

a conquering idea

that sucks all the life from us,

and we let it…

because everyone is scared

to leave their house and find out what’s outside.

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