how could you prevent forrest fires

with a water hose?

when i’m raging baby everybody

gotta go.

i’m not even on the low.

the brightest in the dark sky

it’s really all about the glow

i’m not really bout the show

i don’t do the tell

everything i ever do

… i just do it well

check the scale

no weight

i’m not answering to

you or probate.

i’m always up,

but most laid…

i got two vices

and they both pray

they both know i got loyalty,

and it won’t sway

learned to play games

in all sorts of areas,

but if you ever bring it to conversation,

ill bury ya

i’m no old yella

more gold fella

her collar drops

and the broach stellar

encroached stella’s

lead to artois

where we both

transformed into art eyes

i tell the truth,

“part lies

is empty love,

let me get naked

below above”

you’re leaving while i’m showing up?

let me slow you up

… you’re blowing up

cus you can’t ever know enough

think less

it won’t hold you up

don’t drink stress

or stress drink

there’s no such thing

as less pink

… you’re safe

carthage must be destroyed

… so you’re gates

i’m the one you want to let in,

i bring the light in

with no lessons

after the first

“end the second guessing”.

enjoy your blessings..


why mess with

this shit

they left you dressed in?

i miss you every day…

but you can’t ever sense it.

too buried in sanskrit

like you want to know who planned it

i just want to be the water

you can clean your hands in

a river that doesn’t ever dry

swimming in the jordan

fish kissed me like they missed me

adam said he loved me

.. i accept the mystery..

never cared for history,

i just want to be there where

you kissed me…

i just wanna slide in extra slippery

i just want…

i just want to be wanted again,

the same way i wanted a friend

.. ugh

they keep giving us drugs

asking if we’re feeling the buzz

where is it from?

every bodies going crazy.

who wants to cum?

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