i can still hear the wind snaking through the leaves

i can still see your fingers all balled up in your sleeves

the nights colder than it was supposed to be.

you get close to me. haven’t spoke to me. just poke on me.

lean into my chest with your ear

to take a breath while you touch

my hearts scream

this is our dream

walking through art scene’s

talking about all things

you got big ideas about small things,

like gull wings

and long words that make us all shrink

… you smell pink

i say what no one else thinks

in tao we both throw things

you burn while i show wing

i’m worried how fast its going

you tell me not to over think

we come to understand over drinks

if we fuck tonight we’ll both sink…

to an open ocean floor

you know… i couldn’t hope for more.

you know i want to stay, thats the only thing i’m going for.

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