im sick of hearing bout your social apps

for a mil …

tell me where you’re really at

please don’t phone a friend

unless you’re telling them

you’re about to win

questioning answers,

this is your chance to

really glow

you still doubting me…

really tho?

i’ve been sifting a dimension out

sniffing their pretensions out

white privilege?

the jealousy should end for now

there’s always an excuse

when i’m about to win

seems more like

everybodies getting scared

about the end

where was the favor

when my neighbors were

all breaking in

where was the prejudice

when i was desolate

praying on a chance

i would never get

until the day i reached a definite

at the top of everest

waltzing down city streets

they started doing big impressions

of little me

taking their fill

until they emptied me

the only one who defied entropy

but they don’t know where the flow goes

they practice magic

without the mojo

shoes snow soaked

kicking em off on

the saucer

while the doors open

how you gonna hang

when the floors open?

theres no good in good byes

so i just left

.. which was more potent.

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