its like a collision you’ve been speeding towards your whole lives… you came in hot, but kept missing, and now everything’s hitting, that’s how it hit you.

the universe kept hinting, but she’s so twisted, not wicked, but more blink and you’d miss it. that’s how well she hid it.

they all called her a fool, but you didn’t. you knew. she’s different. instead of always trying to lead the way, she asked the perfect questions.

she pulled truth from your glue. to prove, you’re always being tested. she told you with silence “you’re crying about all the time invested, instead of enjoying all the moments that you’re blessed with”.

then said with words “you’re really it, why do you act so desperate? pretending you’re pedestrian, i’ll pull your fucking card, i’m not the one to mess with”.

you just answer back, “i want to know that it was destined.” before you pull her by her crescent, through an enchanted forest that’s been tickling her senses.

where you two can dance alone. tie your wrists together. spend the day connected, the way you’ve been forever.

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