+ checkered flags.

[ a call to action ]

what do you say when there’s nothing left to say, but still so much to do?

see.. the best questions answer themselves.

[ the alchemist ]

she must have been the most brilliant thing i’d ever experienced.

what i mean by that is —

i felt stupid every time i thought of her.

[ +++ ]

speak in our shared language,

making familiar words feel foreign

use speech i know

to tell me thing’s i don’t.

teach me to turn

my tongue upside down

so it can’t twist the truth.

help me believe again,

in you.

[ xx ]

pieds de gravier

livré par

tes mains

ne tirez pas

l’amour est un sentiment

je ne peux pas résister


[ i ]


there’s a place you go to stay…

 a messy loft

where the tv’s always off,

ashtray’s constantly full,

and silent alarms blow

into empty cabs.

when you wake up tomorrow

she says something snarky

about preferring noir’s.



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