neon drugs, exit clubs

by yourself, feel the love

out the jug, bare feet, mud

razor spins, cut a rug

hope no one sees you fucking up

dancing like a hurricane

under rain, thundering

top floor, hovering

33, penthouse suite

in hotel me, 

we watch movies

strobe on walls, 


… mural

down these halls

d n d’s

drawn on doors

… plural.

texts go off,

phone on floor

you’re in for

a long

… furlough

can’t see, but can see



.. showing


.. stroking


.. soaking

can’t keep

cameras on

angles wrong

angels gone

… flashing

digital dash

two in the stash


… crashing

need a jolt

take a bolt

you’re back

… splashing

short strokes

in a long pond

she get’s off

saying ‘i’m on’

hit the backseat

like a track meet

has she

nothing to ask me?

keep’s rolling back…

that’s sweet…

… that’s free

no lip

all tongue

… that’s it?


too tall

for small talk

take her head

like apache

johnny playing passion…


sitting indian

style under harvest…


she says they’ll

be godless


you don’t care

they’re all car… tunes



i just want to free

my… you.

i just want to free

my… you.

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