for the next century

let’s set a day

to runaway

and not look back babe


spend a week

by a creek

just to speak


about that day…


touch tats

in the grass

while wind slips past


walk down a beach

while waves crash at our feet

then we’ll both act

like we just happened to meet


under stars that were our

… glow

by a place where no cars

… go


you’ll speak to me

simple and deep

my hand sweeps your cheek

dimples so sweet


i’ll know…

that you know


this loves isn’t pseudo


we’ll parachute off a roof

into a coupe

that zooms



away from tomb…



you’ll brush the sky

with a finger


leave painting’s that



then i’ll get to listen

to my favorite singer


you’ll ask me if taxi’s

are coming to take me


an aristocrat reference

from our favorite escape scene


i’ll whisper back

‘i’m as free as you made me’


that’s when you’ll kiss me

that’s when you’ll take me


you’ll promise to break me

… only to save me


we’ll put two extra links on a chain

before we break it


i’ll stare into air

take a deep breath and thank it


we can leave just as soon as you say it….




…. that day..

i dream about

… that day..

our birthday.

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