i wish every kiss could

fill each split of our lips

as if they were water,

or pulse like a nuclear

bomb detonated

when two opposing forces

touched tips…

i mean.. i want both,

at different times.

and sometimes i want

something in between

that’s just as clean.


i don’t just want the

perfect kissing partner..

that isn’t the entirety of

my dreams…

i also want an endless supply

of grape flavored

japanese gummi candies..

the kasugai,

or the fettuccine…

either one would suffice.

i want it all,

with no sacrifice.


i should skip the fit

but here’s a whiff 

super white kurta w a stiff 

pink sleeve slip

+ a green niqāb,

sometimes the colors of the sleeve and

niqāb match

sometimes they swapped

depending on who

the home team was.

i’ve already said too much.


the first thing i would do

with freedom?

for it to be true freedom..

i’d have to get rid of all the signs.

that’s first.

that way i could

look around to see what i seek.

that way i’d know

where i was when

each great walls lore

repeated itself in my eyes,

as a crisp recognition of,

and response to,

once empty words,

risen to life.


i wanna lay around

in a mauve cloud,

staring at swirling sea shells

made of hollow light,

and dance on halloween dreams

… like the adams family.

i want to ash like wednesday,

and be saved on sunday

cus if it was ever love

we’ll be together one day.

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