perfect pineapple, 60 bay st.

how high you wanna take me?

all the way to the space ship?

how low would you take me?

i dont know how deep this lake is

can i take it?

will i make it?

i dont make sense?

i’ve been racing?

i don’t ever leave my mind,

how could i leave my mind vacant?

what if i like the pictures

that we placed there?

before im late

to the gate

i need to see you

for the first time

and i know that

that’s the worst line

when infinity

times a trinity

enter’s like a chimney

head to toe chemistry,

then im talking on you

kind words, small smiles,

then im harping on you


what if light speed had a warp in it too?

would you watch me go cosmic for you?”

… “is that garden for you?”

i mean..

… “is that too godly for you?”

at least tell me you wish it was true.

i dont need you to believe in me,

or ever wish it was you.

just follow your dreams

until they’re all true..

cus they are all you,

and you are all them,

so watch what you call them

because when it all ends

that’s when we all blend.

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