+ charles tiffany bars

explain entanglement

to a realm ruled by

jurisprudence …

conflict is only real

in a realm that itself… isn’t.

distance and separation

are fabrications that keeps

conjoined souls

scatter brained..

togetherness is not a goal…

(that’s a point.)

it’s an acceptance.

a surrender of choice

to return home to a natural state.

in a kingdom where consumption is law

nature will always be distorted

by an energy constantly

submerging itself between the fabric

of pure love and compassion.

that dark matter making up most of

our known universe according

to science. a recognition of a wedge

masquerading as a bridge.

leading only to comprehension

of the germane banality exuded by an

existence dedicated solely

to the championing of the individual self.

being autonomously whole is dependent on lacking something you intrinsically need another to complete.

i guess you could

call this unfortunate

if you feel the need to revel in

your solo,

but in essence there will always be

someone waiting for you to come back.

should you choose to dwindle

in an infinite abyss

you will still eventually return

to your nomadic journey home.

complete yourself as you see fit,

then become whole.

but to constantly reject another as

imperative is only to turn into your

own shadows for understanding,

or worse, company.

they may appear vast in quantity

as light hits to multiply

their allure, like a twisting diamond

projecting many colors

that are all really one.

they may be long in shape,

but thats only if you

lack a central understanding of being.

chasing temporary items

and people to replace

everlasting wholeness will always

lead to a feeling of lacking.

what minds are designed to

comprehend will never mirror the image of our souls infinite knowledge.

to know yourself is beautiful.

to hold your complete other is absolute


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