+ Louis XV bars

don’t let an audience shift your rhythm

ma petite mélodie

sway easy


as drum lines quicken

escape the shake

of bass mortars,

soar on wings of whistles

you send up,

and shape so well.

don’t be a liar,

when it’s clear you’re a lyre.

your echo may one day grow

bigger than it’s source,

that’s just reverb.

don’t be hurt.

be the first to action.

you’re burning for change, ash it.

let them catch it.

what’s electro music to electro magnets?

… tragic.

once a suns perfume

bounced off the moon

to make magic.

they’ve mirrored it.

turned everything backwards

til original’s fractured

over and over

into repetitive static.

what’s a bargain?

when amazon

collide’s with walmart,

societies a target.

replacing hearts with

concrete jungles,

and plastic gardens.

that melt into gas

while we dance on a wisp,

you know this,

might be your only chance to exist.

so, instead of questioning reality,

try answering it.

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