my girl 

on the edge of an explosion…


i don’t know if i’ll make it

i’ve been here for so long

i dont know how to fake it

i just want your kisses

i just miss your faces

i want you to have a good life

and it’s so close i can taste it


hope you never cry like i do

and if you ever have to


please …


don’t forget to laugh too

i will always need you


i’m so glad we have you

you’re my little baby


every day you save me

i keep praying one day 

i’ll find the right way to repay it

i fell from the future

to find a way to change it

you know you’re my answer

you know you’re my favorite

i promise if they’re hating

we’ll send em all to satan

you’re the dew from heaven

remember in new haven?

when we first caught that train in?


i guess my wishes came then

no matter what we’re saying

or wherever you’re staying

there’s no rearrangement 

i’ll love you until days end.

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