the selfish boy with all the answers.


he did subtle things to support change.

like leaving pictures of unexplored

solar systems on coffee shop tables,

or buying books he’d lend to fake friends

who liked to deny his contributions

in order to take credit

in the forum of likes.

he left exes with all the answers

to his flexes 

even tho they called him cancer,

but it was okay because he enjoyed the irony.

they always challenged him, 

“why don’t you do it?”

he never answered back,

because he didn’t have to.

again, i can’t emphasize enough,

he enjoyed the irony.

they echoed him with every breath,

he thanked them for their original ideas

simply satisfied witnessing glee.

besides, if he ever told them

“that’s me”

it just created envy,

so he just decided to be grateful.

they’d tell him it was he who took from them,

which wasn’t wrong

he did.

in the end,

he took himself from them.

in a grand gesture

that they’d all call masturbatory.

he didn’t care.

the only thought that passed 

went with a laugh.

“at least i came”.

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