remembering a mirror in an apple

i can see you’re high

you enjoy the way it feels

skin flexing right before it snaps underneath the sharpness of your well kept teeth

bitter juices released to your commanding bite

a flicker flashing across your eyes

you become slightly removed from time

content to steal a second needed to observe the fresh landscape youve carved out of a once perfect, shining body

silently documenting the freshly hacked path

frothy liquid bubbling over new surface as it fuses with airs touch,

glistening between the dance of light,

choreographed by notes from a muted music box.

eventually the pureness will rot under its circumstance,

so take as much as you can from the body.

consume until you reach an unforgiving core

that will inevitably spill its seeds to the floor.

a natural sacrifice to gravity.

a biological failsafe

ensuring the continuity of lineage.

it will grow back,

as it always does,

desperate to appeal to you,

wanting nothing outside of your acceptance,

because who are you,

if not it?

the eternal soul.

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